Review: Bourjois Liner Clubbing in Electric Blue

This is my first Liner Clubbing from Bourjois, and probably the best blue liquid eyeliner I have ever found in my life. *Now it sounds a little too much but…it is!* :p

I bought this for IDR 105,000 (approx. US$10-11). The tube is a little longer than my middle finger. I choose the color Electric Blue, because I’ve been wanting to have this shade since I can’t remember, and the counter only sells black and blue. If I’m not mistaken, it’s also available in purple and bronze, but too bad Bourjois counters in Indonesia don’t have that many color/shade updates. I think I have to write a petition to PT. Aura Cantik (Bourjois distributor in Indonesia) huehehehe…. πŸ˜€

The brush/applicator is a very fine brush tip, not felt tip or ‘hard’ pointy tip like you see in Revlon Colorstay liquid liner. Bourjois’ is similar to Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liners. I don’t have any problem with this kind of applicator, in fact I like brush applicator as much as felt tip ones because for me it makes no difference ;p it’s all about your hands’ ability to stay still and be sturdy when you apply eyeliners, so…if you’re close to having parkinson, maybe you’d consider place your elbows on the table or something. I’m just saying. πŸ˜€

Now the color. It’s a bright blue, or like its name, electric blue, with a very fine shimmers. So it’s definitely not matte. And I can’t tell what color the shimmers are, bcuz they’re so tiny. ;p I’ve never seen (or had) many blue liquid eyeliners in my life, but you see this one and you will feel like it has already brighten your eyes, even if you’re not applying it yet. Huahaha. The color is brighter than the tube. Maybe it has a slight tint of teal, but it still leans more blue.

I swatched it in the counter, came home and wipe it with makeup remover. Now this might be a harder part. I found out that the liner didn’t come off easily with “dual layer makeup remover”. You know, the water & oil mixture – type of remover, like maybelline or l’oreal ones. I used Maybelline eye & lip makeup remover and it was a little difficult to come off. And the surprising fact was that the liner stains a bit. Yes, after 30 seconds of wiping, it left a blue stain on my arm :p

And then I tried wiping it again with theBalm Balms Away (the solid-balmy-oily type of remover) and finally the stain was gone. I tried the liner on my eyes (with no primer & shadows) and it worked the same, it dried and didn’t move at all, but removing it was a bit pain in the ass. ;p But overall, I would recommend this liner because I myself love it to the max ;p


– It stays all day long, doesn’t smudge or move to the lids

– The price is affordable (for me). If I remember correctly, a few years ago Bourjois counters sell this at IDR 120,000 but now it’s marked down to IDR 105,000. Wonder why.

– The bright blue with shimmer is one of a kind! (At least for me, bcuz I rarely see a good blue liquid eyeliner here, but maybe others can find some other brands online)

– It didn’t sting my eyes. I’ve heard/read reviews about Bourjois Liner Pinceau (which is almost similar to Liner Clubbing except it’s not waterproof) that it stings when applied to eyelids. Fortunately I don’t have that problem at all.


– It’s a bit hard to remove. I suggest to use an oil-based remover, because dual-layer remover can’t do the work justice.

– It stains. But with patience, the blue “tattoo” will disappear in no time. πŸ™‚

– I don’t know if this is a con or not, but the label says 6M which translated “six months” of period after opening. It’s so short! But I’m not gonna go with that suggestion as long as the liner doesn’t change color or smell even if it’s past 6 months.

I found a makeup idea through Makeupgeek.com , and the person used this liner. It’s so beautiful on her!

Well, then…I guess I’m happy with my purchase. πŸ˜‰ See ya’ later!