A Traumatic Story Part 1: To Eat or Not To Eat

There once was a friend. One day our other friend came back from a vay-kay and brought a pack of rice bars for us to share. It’s like Gery cracker beras but it’s not local.


That same day I was having a little cough, so when I reached out for the snack, my friend quickly hide it from me, screaming, “No, you’re sick! No, you cannot. No. No. No.” I felt like there was a big something, banging in my head. The next minute she eat those goddamn crackers so soundly (on purpose), played me with saying, “Yum! Do you want it?” Well of course I can’t eat any of those since they’ve been in the middle of nowhere. I just couldn’t believe she would do that to me, even if she thought that eating those snacks would make my throat worse, I couldn’t accept anyone toying with me like that. I don’t even believe I was whining to her about the share. I mean, maybe I did it because I knew that half portion of it was mine.

I EAT WHAT I WANT. I GET THEM WHENEVER I WANT. Thankfully now I’m surrounded by ridiculous people who eat first and then think. If I myself don’t worry about anything that can make my body better or worse, then others shouldn’t. Asking food from everyone else? PANTANG.

I’m In The Mood For Food