I Miss My Dad.

I was going to bed, and seconds after my eyes closed, I was growing tears. I guess dealing with a lone life, the terrible landlord, fake friends, colleagues, daily job, bosses, taxi drivers, lifts that make me dizzy, dogs, monkeys, bad people, and not seeing my family for almost two years now, it all came out as particles mixed in the water. Maybe that’s why tears are so ‘spicy’. They carry feelings.

I suddenly remember my dad. Not that I don’t think about him everyday, but especially tonight, I don’t know, I just miss him. Sometimes I feel like leaving all these stuffs behind and just, going back home and running into him. I feel crazy and out of myself right now.

He’s probably not the best or the kindest person in the world, but he is almost the perfect reflection of God to me. He’s like my version of Jonathan Kent. You know, Clark’s ‘earth father’. Actually he is the one who made Clark the Superman we know today πŸ™‚ There were times me and him would get into a fight, of course, or should I say he is the one who brought most of the fight because he had a not-so-good temper (I inherited it ;p), but also, because I’m the only daughter, I feel loved. And now I only know that he has nothing but good intentions for my life. Fathers protect. Fathers provide. Fathers love. Fathers plan. Fathers know how to figure out.

I remember that he would get things for me, just because I wanted them so bad. I remember he got so angry because I blew the telephone bills. ;p I remember he got into a fight with an parking attendant just because he thought that the road portal was illegal and he didn’t want to pay the ticket. Over the last years I see him grow as much mature person, but I know he deserves to be called a good father a long way before. He became the most hard-working person, lives a very casual life, pays attention more to his health, and manages at better character. Maybe one thing that still best kept is he doesn’t like wearing shirts. ;D

I love my dad. People can say anything about my family and I know somehow the pasts always follow our trails, but others don’t know what they don’t know ’cause they really don’t know. Sometimes people say that they wish they had realize something before, and it’s too late. I don’t wanna be like that, by treasuring and thanking God for what’s in front of me right now. Maybe he is one of the few things that make me still talking to Him, to keep my dad safe. I miss him so bad I would burst, and I hope I’ll see him soon.

Those four hipsies are my family πŸ˜‰