How I Maintain A Clear Facial Skin (Still Struggling)

I am no expert, but these tips are based on my experience, so maybe I could help somebody out there who is struggling with skin problem, particularly acnes and blemishes.

Did I mention I hate polka dots?

  • Don’t touch your face with dirty hands/fingers. This is simple but very important, as sometimes people forget to wash hands and immediately touch or scratch their face. At least wash your hands before getting onto the face. I suggest to bring hand sanitizer everywhere you go, nowadays the Bath and Body Works has anti-bacterial hand gel with many scents to choose from.
  • Don’t pick or pop out your acne/pimples. It takes a while even for me to adjust to this rule because I just loooovee picking up my pimples. 😀 Popping pimples may leave marks and disturb the skin, causing more pimples to grow, especially when done with (again) dirty hands.
  • Use as little products as you can. I found out that the more products I put on my face, the more my skin reacted. Nowadays, I try to fit my daily facial routine into 2 main steps: cleanse and moisturize. I do use chemical peel or facial mask once a week.
  • How you cleanse matters. First, the frequency: I never wash my face more than twice a day (in the morning & night before bed). Second, the duration: there may be times that we were – hmm…what’s the word – “over-cleansing”, meaning we spent too long time washing our face, in the thought of cleaner result. From my experience it only takes not more (or maybe less) than 1 minute to lather, apply, massage and rinse. Third, the application: please don’t just carelessly rub your handful of soap on the face, but do it gently. Dry your face with soft towel by patting (not rubbing). This also apply to toner, sometimes people put too much pressure and rub cotton pads on their face, making the skin look red. The best way for me is gently and lightly swipe the cotton outwards. Oh, and when applying moisturizers/creams, use the same gentle massage-y motion, again, do not rub.
  • Choose the right products. Acne-suffered people mostly have oily (or combination) skin too, so try to find products that won’t add much more oil to your face. Right now I use Clean & Clear sensitive facial wash (bought it at drugstore.com), alternate with Melanox facial gel wash (a local brand), and toned with Melanox facial toner. From my experience, Melanox is the most repurchased because it feels so gentle on my skin, the toner doesn’t sting, and the prices are affordable. Another alternative would be Clean & Clear foaming facial wash, I also have back-up for this one, but I find it dries my skin a bit compare to Melanox one.

    And just because we have oily skin doesn’t mean we don’t have to moisturize, because our skin still need to be hydrated. I have been through many moisturizers and what suits me right now is Wardah (a local brand) acne perfecting moisturizing gel with SPF15, for daytime. Sometimes I top it with La-Roche Posay Cicaplast, a multi-purpose anti-bacterial gel as my face primer. It’s not greasy and leaves a smooth feel on the skin. I found most night creams to be too oily for my skin, so I only use Estee Lauder Advanced Night Serum or bareMinerals Active cell mineral serum. They’re sample sizes though, I’m still using them up and see which one deserve a future full-sized purchase. I also put a little bit of acne gel only on my pimples. It doesn’t really matter the brand, as long as it’s in gel form and contains Salicyclic Acid, works the same for me. One more important thing is I always bring a pack of oil-absorbing face paper to remove excess oil.

  • Don’t ever leave your long-day make-up overnight. At first it may be okay, but it won’t be as cool when you’re get older. 🙂 Make-up products aren’t designed to “stay there the whole day”, so in the end we have to get rid of it, no matter how sleepy or tired we are. Believe me it’s worth the effort, and we don’t wanna sleep, dream, and wake up with so much grease and dirts on our faces 🙂
  • Drink plenty of water. Drinking water is never too much. It’s the simplest way to clean our system. A little bit out of topic, but until now, I don’t want to believe in a statement that pimples are sometimes caused by food. I eat all kinds of food and I’ve never had a very bad relationship with a particular food either, but I have to accept the fact that my skin (or my body) do changes from time to time, and it reacts differently compared to like, 5 years ago, so one simple thing I can do is drink more water in hope that would give a good help. Eating more greens and fruits is good too.
  • Wash your hair regularly. This is really most-or-least important, depending on people, but I found out that my laziness of washing hair can cause pimple growth, and I don’t even have bangs nor I style my hair to fall on the front of my face. But probably the hair make contact with the face when I sleep.
  • Wash your pillow sheets regularly. Can be done once or twice a week.

Ah, I think that would be all. Just want to share. And for the sake of posting something after been away, idle and suffered from chicken pox last week. Jeez. 😀