Don’t Touch My Stuff!

  • There was this one uncle who was so proud of his original movie stuffs but when it came to mine, he treated them like trash. I once bought a Disney calendar made with nice glossy papers and he squeezed one page of it to make me angry only to see my what my reaction was.
  • I had a nice sticker collections that I put in a small photo plastic bags into an album, and my mistake I brought it to school. I don’t know if this one girl in school just wanted to tease me or was she really a little thief, but she said “Let’s take one!” to another girl, referring to my sticker stuffs in the album. Gosh. What a little bitch.
  • Almost every people I know, use the same knife to chop food AND cut anything else non-food. Talk about hygiene. And there are some people who don’t respect the rule of separating kitchen tools from non-kitchen tools use MY knife to do so. REMEMBER, PEOPLE, ONE CUTTER FOR FOOD, ONE FOR JUNKS, AND OF COURSE ONE MORE FOR SHAVING!!!
  • Almost every guy I know, borrow my thingies (often office supplies) and never put them back where they find it. And know I just assume that all guys are never good at organizing small pieces. Guys just always wanna do big things, but forget the details.
  • I had one fiction book that I really liked, and it’s gone now because my friend borrowed it and never return it back. The vintage cover makes the most of it!!!
  • “Hey, what good stuffs you’re having, can I see it?” and then they just dip their hands in there, judging what I have, flip my things roughly. Disrespectful.
  • I also get mad about people who borrow things and return them by slamming them right in my face. I mean, well thank you for returning what’s not yours, but can you treat other people’s belonging with love and care?
  • I had a favor of putting my own mop and broom outside my room (wow that’s a rhyme) so other people could use it, called it anyone’s, but to my surprise a neighbor borrowed them, and less than a week the mop turned from white to misty gray (I actually like that color for a t-shirt, but not on any mop), and the broom was missing its top handle.

I guess that’s why I’m now very protective to my stuffs because I know it’s MINE, I know how to treat a good things, not because they’re expensive but it’s more of a respect. Some of them I even pay with my own money, so it hurts when others consider they’re nothing but dead objects. I’m not the most neat and tidy person in the world and people can’t judge me by that, because they’re probably not better than me, when it comes to appreciating and knowing what you have.