Telepon Nyasar.

Not to echo a song with the same name as this blog title, but this just happened to me at the very last 15 minutes. And it went like:

A ring from +6281284083524…. I picked it up and waited on purpose for the person to say hello first.
Me: “Siapa?”
The dumbshit: “Ini abang, sudah lupa ya?” (Oh, a male.)
Me: “Iya.”
The dumbshit: “Waah, nomor abang nggak disimpan ya?”
Me: “Nggak.”
The dumbshit: “Ini abang ini, yang di kepolisian. Ga ingat ya?” (Why people always mask/pretend themselves as police? Nobody’s afraid of them anymore.)
Me: “Ngggaak.”
The dumbshit: “Oo, jangan2 salah sambung ini.”
Me: “Iya mungkin aja.”
The dumbshit: “Lagi dimana ini, di Jakarta?”

Ok, well, at this point, I’m getting very disturbed because a person who I really don’t know asks me a lot of things, like interrogating. So then I ended the call.


I’m pretty sure the call was meant for fraud, usually starting with that kind of conversation like the above. And if the receiver continues to talk, maybe the caller would lead into – I don’t know – anything related to giving (or donating) cash or something. The weird thing is, I heard probably 2-3 more people doing the same “wrong number” thing in behind. I mean, do they actually have some kind of team, or headquarter, to do this? Or even a schedule or night shift work, because in the background was sounded pretty much like a customer service room with the workers talk the same thing in the same way, and calling at 9 PM, there must be a night shift, dude. πŸ˜€

I hate when I have to face things like this. Where did they even get my number. I have experienced the same thing months ago, only that was a slow old guy claiming I won a Telkomsel contest. Huh, I wonder how much the prize was. :p (Come to think about it, I should ask for the prize before I shut my cell down, just to get me out of the curiosity.)

One more thing, and I don’t mean to go on sensitive ethnic issue here, but the person who called me sounded Batak. I don’t want to think he faked that accent because it was obvious that the man knew how to speak his way. Jeez. I mean,Β bangga bener sama logatnya, sampe dipake buat nipu orang??? Maksudnya apa, mau menunjukkan kalo orang lo itu jago nipu???


And I don’t want something bad to happen to them frauds bcuz it’s not my business, but I really wish God cut down one of their vocal cords. TSS.