Makeup and Beauty-related Mistakes I Did in My Fragile Years ;)

  • Overdrawn eyebrows. And of course wrong brow color choice. I think I just wanted to look ‘pro’ by having a good-looking eyebrows, which is not a crime, but I didn’t really have a good role model or good sample. Almost everyone around me, either they don’t do their eyebrows or overdone them, making them so thin and highly arched, and now I know not everyone is suitable with the high-arched style eyebrows.
  • Using foundation and BB cream without any base. Now this is definitely wrooong, because doesn’t matter how good the foundation is, you MUST use base first. I figured that by wearing foundation alone, it could stain my skin, because foundations (or even BB creams, which they said a foundation and skincare in-between) are tinted, and having makeup base first would create a ‘barrier’ between bare skin and the foundation. Which I agree.
  • Wearing makeup overnights. Flashback to those stupid moments, I got goosebumps ;D I was a pretty lazy person, and became more lazy when it comes to removing makeup and washing my face in the night. I hope I won’t do the same thing again.
  • Going outside without sunscreen. (Now I know why my face skin tone is darker than any other body parts)
  • Overused of night creams. I know night cream is important, but like they say, less is more. I tend to put too much on at night, making it super oily in the next morning. Now I choose the less-oily and serum-like ones.
  • Wrong shade of foundation. This probably takes more than a lifetime, knowing your skin tone and finding a good foundation shade that matches, especially if you’re a fool like me ;D I search everything and learn on my own, I don’t go to beauty counters to ask for suggestions because they might be more wrong than I am. I have feelings about that. I’m still learning right now, but generally, I know I’m a yellow-undertone, and I avoid any pink-based makeup, foundations in particular.
  • Overdone smokey eyes. Now I think the word ‘overdone’ might be not suitable for this, but this is what I mean: using a black shadow all over eyelids and not blending it. It might work on some people, but not on me. I looked scary. From this mistake I also learned that blending is a core technique anyone should master, because it makes a lot differences to your makeup application.
  • Picking up pimples. I (and anyone!) should have known better, let the acne bumps heal themselves (yes, our body have the ability to do that), or use other medications, not your hands!
  • Applying nail polish without base. This is the same like foundation. The bottomline is: colors should have a base. Having nail polish base coat could prevent the nails from getting yellow, smooth nail’s surface, and make the colors apply better.
  • Buying products and not using them ๐Ÿ˜‰ So from the moment that I was more of a over-spend girl to budget-beauty lady, I only purchase things that I think I would use. So there’s no useless trash here. Now I also tend to search and read for reviews first, so I know if something is right for me or not.
  • Wearing contacts overnights. OMG, this is seriously one of the things you shouldn’t do because, well, putting ‘something’ directly on your eyes is scary enough, and you don’t wanna make it scarier and uncontrolled by let them sit overnight without removing and rinsing them. Eyes are the windows of the heart, and you wanna avoid anything that makes your windows blurry ;D
  • Using the same dirty brushes for weeks (or even for months, I can’t remember). And then I learned that unwashed makeup brushes can collect bacteria and other bad stuffs you don’t want to be transferred to your face, I always wash my used brushes once a week.

I feel stupid to have written this, because I’m not an expert at all, but these are based on my experienced, so maybe I could help somebody out. Of course, if I remember something from my early naive years, I would add it in this post.