I Pray, Too.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for giving me a great family. I cannot imagine being in another family. Moreover, thank you for giving me my father. I know he might not be the best human being in the world, but he is the closest one I got when it comes to a good father. I mean, he really is. And I know it is also because of You. And thank you for protecting us all the time.

Thank you for letting me have family experiences, whether they were happy or bad ones. Especially for the bad parts, thank you for guiding me get through them. And for making me what I am today, from a very naive and fragile youngster into a more understanding person, which I am very proud of. 😀

Dear Lord,
Now here comes the ‘begging’ part. Please continue Your mighty protection throughout my family, especially my father. He is still the one we all rely on. And You know, some places might be more ‘cruel’ than the others. I hope he gets all that he can get to face it. I love him, and I know You love him, too. There were times that I thought the best thing to do for my father was to introduce him to You, and it isn’t wrong, but now I realize that I just have to show that I love him, and accept him the way he is. And anything else would come just in time. Some people might not understand, just like they always do – never understand (oops, I don’t mean to be mean :p) – but I know You would.
I pray for his work, which sometimes can be very frustrating and tiring. I think my father doesn’t believe in good fortune, he is more of a “work-hard guy”, but I pray for good fortune to happen, anyway. Because if it really happened, we know who to thank for, and if it didn’t, then we know we just have to go back to work, and work harder.
Please keep his health in top condition, and if there are some illness happening, I know You are the one we can rely on to wash them all away. Other than that, there is not much I can say about this health thing, except that You wake him up everyday with a good body, mind and spirit, and a chance to see the sun shining. Oh, and please always remind him to take his daily meal.

Dear Lord,
only You, and You alone, know how much I am missing him right now. I might not get the chance to see him very soon (bad holiday plans and all), but I am glad we are still talking. Although only through some texts. Argh, something tells me that he might miss me, too. I am the only daughter, after all. 😀 And, if you don’t mind, I mean if this is also within your plans, please soften his heart when it comes to letting me having relationships with boys ;D You know what I mean, lah.

Okay, thank you once again for hearing my mumbles. In Jesus’ name.