Let’s Evaluate!

Dengan melihat resolusi (I hate that word, though) yang dibuat pada awal tahun 2012, maka mari kita cek bersama apakah gw sudah cukup kompeten untuk mencapai rencana yang gw buat sendiri. Oh how twelve months go so fast…

1) Get out of my crooked damaged rented room and move to a small but nice studio-type apartment.
I did moved out of that crooked house, into a new rented but not apartment-style place. Tetep kost.  But A LITTLE BIT better.

2) Pindah kerja.
I might not got any job at The Tempo, but I was accepted and am now a part of PT MBIN, which if you all don’t know, we produce and sell Bintang, Heineken, Green Sands and Bintang Zero. Where else would you get free beer every single working day? Hooray to me!

3) Mulai koleksi stiker lagi.
I don’t know about this. It seems that I forgot the plan for a while. But I did bought some new stickers, although I cannot say I’m collecting.

4) Mengembalikan kulit wajah gw seperti semula!
I have to say I’m proud of myself to find a way to try to get out of blemish dilemma, and I can say my skin is better now, and I’m still fighting. I did eventually order a Clarisonic, still waiting for it to be sent.

5) Go back to college.
I think it’s hard to accomplish now, with this new job and all, so let’s put the plan on hold, will we? 😀

6) Grow my hair and get a hair-coloring!
My hair DID grew, just like normal hair does :p and I did got haircolor. It was a homemade, do-it-yourself one, which actually was a bit frustrating to work on, since my hair was long. Right now my hair is short again, and I plan to do another haircolor before the new year. 😀

7) Menyisihkan +/- 500rb per bulan buat mama.
Ehm…not yet. Personal expenses.

8) Get an Android phone and/or a new Thinkpad.
I did got a Thinkpad, which was LEND to me by my employer, huahahaha…but doesn’t matter, finally I can experience one. For Android gadget, I think I can continue the plan next year.

9) Getting rid of my old clothes.
I did, when I moved out of the old house, and I think my wardrobe hasn’t grow so much since. I feel like organizing again, though.

10) Belajar maen gitar.
Cannot. Can’t spend time to do it, yet.


Achievement Meter: 6 out of 10.
A bit embarassing. 😀 But like I said, it’s just a plan, so….nyantai laahhh. Hope anything will be better next year.