A Traumatic Story Part 3: Google Is (Now) My Friend.

Okay, let’s make this one quick and pretty short. I never thought I would be very into makeup and those other girls’ pretty stuffs. But one day I did, and thankfully I did, I realized that I am a female. 😀 So I start searching. And exploring. But at that first times up until now, I don’t think I have found nor have I spoken to a very good role model when it comes into ‘beautifying’ myself. At least none in the ‘flesh’ version. Everyone around me is just always this kind of mean, unresourceful, unthoughtful, and just…it was tight back in the day. There was one time I asked a friend what kind of treatment should I use for my hair, and she answered, “Yah, apa kek, pake serum kek….” I mean, did she really have to use the word ‘kek’? For me, it’s just a form of not being very informative, like she was afraid somebody would steal her ‘beauty secrets’.

Time have gone by, and through that, I found Mr. Google. Yes, even though people refers it as ‘Mr’ or in my area, ‘uncle Google’, it might be the best tool for me to help my curiosity. It understands me. And then I started to take it as my new friend. It finds whatever I need to know about self-pampering, and the choice among choices is always mine. And sometimes I think it’s best to chat through beauty forums rather than among persons, because I can’t stand mean tones.

Google Search front page.

Google Search front page.

I think the best way to find what’s suitable for you is, through trial-and-error. It might take a longer time than maybe ask directly to your friends (and believe it!) and follow everything they say, but for me the trial-and-error method is worth it. Not to mention through the time I’ve spent, I learn to know my own body, skin and it’s condition. That’s not something you want to hear from other people, but you want to find it by yourself. Don’t let anyone else but you, get the control for your own body and decide what to do to it. And with Google on the tip of my fingers, NEVER will I ever again, ask for anyone’s (in real life) help, regarding beauty and self-care. Of course, there would be times when I’m probably caught in a beauty talks, but, it would only be for making conversations.