The Worst Words I Have Ever Heard in My Life That’s Actually Adressed to Me.

  • “Kenapa bunyi bunyi?” from an ex. Last time I know that I am human, not a machine, so I deserve some more proper words like ‘suara’ instead of ‘bunyi’. Did he think that I was a machine, or a doll machine? It’s still left unanswered until now.
  • “Orang laen udah kerja di Sudirman, lu masih kuliah aja.” from an aunt. The words explained it all. She’s ashamed having me as a one-more-semester-late-than-other-college-student-normally-graduate-which-is-three-and-a-half-years niece.
  • “Lu sama aja sama papa lu.” from an aunt. I didn’t even know the background story.
  • “Sudahlah…” from a pal, after many hours and minutes (okay, I’m a little exaggerating here, but it was really long) I spent telling something in my heart, that I wished I was being heard of. Funny thing is, I used to listen to whatever she blabbed, whether it’s not so important or just small talk.
  • “Isn’t Cesar Milan your whisperer?” from a pal. I think I might start to wish my afterlife to be a dog, consider they seem to be more relaxing and don’t have to think about getting money to buy food, as long as they’re huskies, or labs, or golden retrievers.
  • “Gw perhatiin kayaknya lu bakal pingsan deh” from a pal, regarding the school carnaval and I was the one to wear a traditional bride costume with a big and heavy head ornaments. Luckily the faint moment was never happened. I wonder if she experienced the faint herself, considering sometimes what people say is gonna come back to them.
  • “Payah..” from an aunt. No matter what happened, she said that. I’m starting to think I have many abnormal family members here.
  • “Sudah punya pacar? Mau merit dalam waktu dekat ga? Ntar saya terima gak lama kamu merit lagi…” from an interviewer. Now, what is the correlation between my work performance and the fact that I might be married shortly after I’m in your company? Luckily (again!) I didn’t get accepted and I’m thankful I didn’t, because right now I’m in a better company that isn’t being so ‘kepo’ about my single-forever/to-be-married life.


Nobody’s perfect. That’s why sometimes we feel ‘forced’ to understand and accept them the way they are. Because we want to be treated the same way. But sometimes life’s just hard, unfair, and those examples above are just tough to deal with.