I Feel Like a Two-Eared Furball in a Cage.

Read: a bunny.

Everyone’s so boring, in almost every place I have come there’s nothing new. Everyone’s the same. No new thoughts. Nothing makes me more interested in or more curious about. I feel like myself is the most interesting part, with good rounded body, fur all-over, two ears (I can hear even the tiniest sound!), the ability to hop and hop higher, a good appetite for veggies, and good eyes. But the most interesting part is that I still live in a cage. Where’s nothing new. I still have an owner. Grrr… I’ve never been allowed to be set free.

And btw, some of my posts in this blog is about how awful the Garuda Indonesia Airlines service system, and I don’t mind adding one more. Yesterday I web checked-in (again!) and I chose seat 12F, and the fucking-ugly-system-that-no-one-would-ever-understand printed my boarding pass with seat number 20B clearly written on it. It’s like that system has a mind of its own. It’s not scary for me, it’s more like they’re irresponsible. If you released something to be used by many people, you better double-triple-quadruple check it before. Or don’t release it at all. I mean, how come I chose 12F and the outcome was 20B??
Not to mention the handrest on 20B seat was damaged. I don’t understand why I keep book the ticket from this airlines.