From The Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 283

Just thought I copy the question from the blog post and answer them with my own for fun.


1. Which makeup brush do you use the most?
Essence of beauty crease brush duo for eyes, the ever so famous two crease brushes sold as one in cvs.
2. Three convenient products it helps to have in your purse?
Lipbalm, dual side mirror, hair ties.
3. Three favorite languages to hear spoken?
Spanish and English-accent English. Can’t think of the third.
4. About how many times have you painted your nails this month?
4-5 times.
5. Best eyeshadow primer?
Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
6. Have you ever worn an updo?
Yes, years ago at my university graduation.
7. Are you happy with your brows?
Yes. I finally know how and what to do with them.
8. Best moisturizing makeup product?
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.
9. Have you ever lost your keys/purse/phone?
10. Most unusual thing in your purse right now?
New pack of cellotapes I bought from Daiso two days ago.