Please Don’t (Ask/Tell Me):

  1. how am I
  2. what am I doing right now
  3. if I’m asleep or not (you’re the one who’s calling, so I MUST be awake, right?)
  4. how is my work going
  5. if my job is going well
  6. if my job is well paid
  7. anything about working for other people and getting paid, because clearly you have no experiences in that
  8. anything about salary amount and pay grades/levels
  9. where am I gonna go for my next work assignment
  10. if I eat well
  11. tell me to eat well
  12. if I sleep well
  13. tell me to sleep well
  14. if I wash my face regularly
  15. tell me to take care of my skin well
  16. ask about my hair
  17. if my hair is doing well (clearly it can’t hear you)
  18. where do I do my hair
  19. how much I spend to do my hair
  20. if I take supplements or not
  21. tell me to take any supplements
  22. if I drink milk diligently
  23. if I take breakfast every morning
  24. if I take plenty of water everyday
  25. what’s happening with my rented room (clearly, again, nothing happened. Or, do you really WANT SOMETHING BAD TO HAPPEN??)
  26. how are my friends doing (I wouldn’t know, ask them yourself, maybe?)
  27. if I’m still in contact with friends
  28. if I still know a particular name of a friend
  29. if I still know a particular person that is a parent of one of my friends
  30. if I still remember what’s happening in high school
  31. if I know a member of the family who is the cousin of a cousin’s cousin
  32. if I heard the news about one of the people from our town have had an accident
  33. if I know that the person who had an accident lives in the same neighborhood as me
  34. where do I go in the weekend
  35. what do I do for the weekend
  36. if I keep in contact with my brother (please, you already know the answer!)
  37. if I know how to get to a certain area
  38. if i know how to get to a certain shopping mall
  39. if I’m happy with my current job
  40. if I wanna look for other jobs
  41. tell me to try to look for jobs in the same place like the cousin of a cousin’s cousin in number 31 is working in
  42. tell me to looke for jobs in Singapore, or whatever the hell places outside the country
  43. if I still go to church
  44. tell me to go to church (it’s weird actually, you tell me that on monday night.)
  45. tell me to ‘find a friend’ in church
  46. tell me to ‘find a friend’ anywhere
  47. if I already know/have ‘a friend’
  48. if I want to be in a romantic relationship
  49. tell me that now is the time to be in a romantic relationship
  50. tell me that if I don’t start now, I’m going to rot
  51. tell me to lower the frequency of me sitting in front of my laptop
  52. if I wash my contacts everyday
  53. if I go to an ophthalmologist (what for?)
  54. if I go to a dentist
  55. tell me to look for information about braces
  56. tell me to put on braces to make me prettier (yeah, like you’d provide the cash. fuck.)
  57. if I have a facebook account
  58. …(there’s gonna be more, I know.)

IF you pass all of the above, you’re probably ready & qualified for the next level of deeper & more intimate communication.


You never ask me what I want.
You never ask me what I love, either it’s a thing that I pay more attention to, or something I like to do.
You never want to know what is my future, from my point of view.