Thursday Thoughts: Online Shopping Experience at

By far this is the worst online shopping experience I’ve had.

It started out on last Friday (30 May), I asked for my AWB number via text message (they don’t put any e-mail addresses on their website, Facebook, or Twitter). The sms admin (let’s call him/her so) asked for my order. I replied again with the order number. And then here is what I got next:


The reply made me angry. I made the order on Saturday (24 May), they replied on 26 May with the total and bank account (through text messages! How convenient), and I paid and confirm back to them I believe not more than 10 minutes after I receive the first message. How could they say I haven’t give payment confirmation? Did they never check their account balance for once, between the 26th to the 30th? WHAT DID THIS SMS ADMIN DO BETWEEN THESE DATES?

And let’s say they receive my confirmation message, if they find my text confusing, why there were never a reply after that? Why they didn’t ask back, or simply ask me, if I already make the payment or not? Why is it so hard?
Fyi, there’s nowhere on their social media pages or official website that states how to confirm payment, is there any special formats, etc. We (online customers) should be the ones that are left with confusions.

I reacted to the message with rage. I even said if I can call the number because nobody answered their usual customer service number. No text message after that. Still with anger, I tried to call the CS number again. And this time, when somebody answered, I pulled every bit of my emotion out of my chest because I couldn’t contain it anymore. “Bilang sama yang ngurus sms, saya tidak mau konfirmasi lagi! Saya udah konfirmasi! Cek aja sms saya!” I don’t think I’ve been this emotional on the year 2014. I was so angry.

And then, a new text message finally came again, please see for yourself:



The second last message to this message is only between 30 minutes. What the hell is going on here? How can this person replied so fast this time, but he/she couldn’t do the same on the 26th?
I would call this message as an act of arrogance. It’s like saying, “Oh well, we’ve received your money (right now) so we’ll send your stuff express-ly.” And so that means my money that has come out of my account on the 26th and come in their account on the same day, never exist. The money has just came (and has been checked, and existed) on the 30th. What could I say, right?

By the way, 30 May was Friday. I ordered the stuff to be sent to my office address. Even the most stupid people in the world knows that office buildings are closed on Saturday. That means my order will still be delivered on the next week, which is Monday. So the ‘apologize gesture’ to send my order using express shipping isn’t really helpful here.
Besides, I will be outside my office on that week, doing business trip. If only the order was sent earlier, I can still bring the stuff to my trip.

I even sent a disappoinment message to one of their “directors” through Facebook, and nothing happened. No replies.

Of course, this morning when I came to the office, the package in question was sitting nicely on my desk.




Oh, so they do have an e-mail address! It’s a fun fact!

To this day, I still feel sad. I feel I’m being fooled. What have I done wrong so my early confirmation wasn’t accounted? What have they done right so they think they can ‘bribe’ me with a short sentence “we’ll send it with express shipment”?

I don’t want them to think that once I received my stuff, problem solved. Case closed. Everything’s back to normal. For them, it might be. For me, absolutely not. For once I want to listen to my heart and respect it, and so I will send it back. I’ll send the stuff back to the store, and maybe my heart would feel better after that. And of course, never again for the rest of my life, will I ever do anything with this unprofessional ” online store”. That’s when I will feel that the case is really closed.