I Have to Write This…

…or I will die dreaming about it through and through and not be able to get it out.

So, I traveled to one of the island which is famous for its scuba diving spot. Went there from the capital city using a cruise. I was pretty happy because I got good seat and did not get seasick. The problem started when this big fat politician-looking man came and claimed that the seat I was sitting on is his. He insisted to sit there, using forceful words and forceful tone, even instructed me to move my things. In exactly the next minute the cabin crew explained that it was right the seating numbers, but it was too late as he already sat on it (my seat!). It was too late that he already got what he wanted. (It was too late that I realized that I didn’t fight hard enough to something that should be mine)

“Kursi nomor berapa?”


“Ini barang siapa?”

“Tidak, saya disini.”

“Saya tidak mau tahu”.

…were some sentences he blurted out. And then his big fat body blabbed on the seat like a jelly (well, it’s too good to compare him to a delicious jelly) coming out of the mold because it’s so stretchy and rubbery that it expanded non-stop. And OMG, that tone. That f*cking fat face. And then talked to his friend about only-God-knows-what ‘system’ is not good. And then the way he glorified himself. And then slept with that f*cking annoying snores only fat people would make (no offense, but it’s true. They should do diet).

The worst possibility is, that he always do the same thing every time he got on the cruise just because he wasn’t able to get good seat and wanted a good seat with an ‘alternative’ way, which is forcing other people. FYI, the seat I meant is the one on the aisle, because I don’t like seats beside the windows.

Apart from all the things above, I just couldn’t understand how could he do that to a woman. Maybe he’s used to it. Maybe, people who came from the same place as him do the same thing and consider it’s common. That you just force people. Especially the ones that looks odd and out of place. No matter if they’re men or women.

My short and brief happiness broke to this lowly poor-mannered impolite cheat. In my most desperate thoughts, I would want bad karma for him, whatever. But even if karma exists and responds in the future, I wouldn’t know. I want to know what would happened to him because it made me satisfied that it’s a confirmation for what he had done to me, right away if needed, but I know that the knowing wouldn’t happen. I just feel sometimes it’s unfair, I can’t even keep happiness a little longer.