cerita, vegan

Note to self: “I come in peace.”

Well that sounds like an alien invasion.

But yeah, it feels like it, been alienated all along.


This month marks my 6th month since my first decision of becoming vegan. And through this journey so far, one thing that I most learn is that, there are always at least one person that will be so actively defensive, than supportive, in the first place, when hearing someone they know has switched sides. Maybe there is one in every family. In fact, that happened within mine. The phrases and sentences such as “What are you, a Hindu?”, “You’re a dog.”, “…according to the Bible!”, etc. made it even hurtful especially when told with such a insulting tone. Well first of all, if you don’t realize, you are insulting a religion, my friend.

I’m just confused and can’t bring myself to believe that there are some people, who are so afraid, that the truth would harm them, so they defend so hardly, before the opposite pushes them a little further. That’s what I learned. People are so afraid, but they defend nothingness. It is a fascinating contrast and somewhat cringe-worthy.


The only thing I regret from that moment though, that I went emotionally, and could not bring myself to give more peaceful and reasonable arguments. I was a sad vegan firstly because of what humans have done to animals, but also because I couldn’t act as a reasonable one in front of non-vegans. Probably because of the anger towards their defensive reactions, and that I should learn how to deal with them more effectively. Oh, how I miss my peaceful days.