Possibly One of the Best Make-up Pouches and What I Carry In It

I love pouches and mini bags. In the past I owned plenty of them, some stood the test of time (and my changing taste), but I’m still in the quest of finding a perfect one. Tujuan hidup yang nggak penting banget, yah. 🙂

While browsing through Shopee app last week, I found one that was really my type. A small, square-shaped see-through make up pouch. Looked like jelly! It comes in 3 sizes, 5 colors of each, and the small blue one really spoke to me, but I hated the price. Curiously, I searched the pouch image through Google, and found the original seller at Tokopedia. Turned out it was only IDR 20,000!

Transaction was smooth and my order was delivered on-time. The real product is quite impressive. Good quality material, well sewn, no-nonsense decoration and plain square shape. Even no brand tag was attached to it. I would probably be more euphoric if it comes in a real clear/transparent or black color, but blue is indeed included in my boring life palette (sing with me: “black-white-greens-blues… tell me what makes you confuse…”). The zipper is a little bit hard to work with, but I’m okay with it, just takes a very little bit of effort to open. 🙂

I thought it’s just necessary to share what I put shoved in this poor little cute jelly thing.


Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda concealer palette in 07 Light. It contains 3 cream products and 1 setting powder. All components inside it are useful. I should mention the setting powder performs beautifully to set under eye concealer.

Bourjois Healthy Balance compact powder in 53 Light Beige. Although this is one of my favorite face powders, I won’t repurchase again because I’m switching to cruelty-free brands. A bit sad, because this one is great but hey, a commitment is a commitment to be done.

Essence lip liner in Wish Me A Rose. This one I like! It’s so good that I can wear it alone without layering a lipstick on. Great everyday pink color. Not to mention it’s affordable. Don’t expect it to be long-lasting though, and I’m never too fond of very long-lasting lip products because sometimes they can appear too dead matte on.

Too Faced La Creme lipstick in Spice Spice Baby. The brand was sold to Estee Lauder in 2016. I just realized that I own one lipstick and has vowed to finish it, effective immediately. #lol

Chanel compact Mirror Duo. Pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes I need to zoom-view what’s left in between my teeth.

Minyak Kayu Putih Cap Lang. A very nice sick day remedy. Love the eucalyptus smell and warmth it gives. I’ve tried other brands, but this one stuck. Hey, proud Indonesian here. 😉

A generic mini spoolie. Sometimes I want to brush my eyebrows.

Japonesque Fluff Concealer brush. This is the only brush from the brand that I kept when doing major make-up and brush declutter months ago. I never thought I could let go of the rest of my Japonesque and other animal-hair cosmetic brushes, because all of them performed so greatly and each held their own memory in my heart but, oh well. Again, commitment.
But this particular brush works well to apply under eye powder. I use it with the Sonia Kashuk palette. Ever so good that I own 2 of them (well, satu lagi sebenarnya buat dijual, sih).

Ecotools Powder/Blush brush from the Five Piece Travel Collection. I like Ecotools’ brush sets and it’s an eco-friendly beauty company.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren rollerball perfume. Again, plan to finish this as soon as possible.

Crown Brush SS021 Deluxe Blending Fluff to buff concealer everywhere. I love Crown’s Syntho series! They’re affordable, nicely built and I’ve never experienced any shedding.

Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate. The best tinted lip balm, ever!

Hygienex toilet cover paper that I rarely use, Ovale Face Paper (oil blotting sheets from a local brand), and Polycrol, just in case.


Sorry for the bad lighting, btw. And yes, the pouch is jam-packed. It’s good though, to prevent myself from shoving more stuffs in it. I’m trying to travel lightly. That’s why my current work bag is tiny (compared to what I used to use before), and only this pouch fits inside.

Pouch information
Seller: La Poche

Variant: Small

Dimension: 14 x 9 x 4 cm