I Feel Betrayed.

How does it feel, when you start your morning, and know that you have been set up for something? Something that of course, you didn’t know before. You think everything is going to be okay and you just do what you do. But then something came up and nobody has ever told you before about it. Nobody has ever discussed before. Just one simple “yeah, it’s not so important, we’ll tell her later”, or “she’s going to have to agree”. And how does it feel when you know that the decision is almost impossible not to be followed. Even more, it has been made just so some faces and reputation can be saved. Talk about saving something by sacrificing others’. Even worse, deep inside, they know the ‘plan’ is not going to be a hundred percent successful.

Talk about bad decision.

Knowing that you’re still an outsider.

Knowing that there’s still somebody out there, who would rather be a kind of backstabber, than have a gut to tell a thing right in front of your face.

Knowing that, in the end, you’re powerless.

How does it feel.

How should I feel?